Starting off another school year in PE with Fitness Testing. Students did a great job in the Weight Room with effort and safety!
about 1 month ago, Jessica Bingham
Getting ready to perform the squat lift.
Doing a great job performing and spotting the bench lift.
Nutrition working on nutrient dense snacks!!
about 1 month ago, Mrs. N.
homemade guac in the works
students prepping their tortillas for the oven
students working on homemade pico and smoothies
The 7th grade Ag class is wrapping up their FFA Unit by exploring the Leadership Development Events and the Career Development Events.
about 1 month ago, Jessica Stuttgen
A student looking at a poster
A student looking at a poster
Meet our new and returning staff by checking out our 2021-22 AES Staff Photo Album!
about 1 month ago, Beth Steinke
AES Staff Photo Album
Students in Mrs. Wilker's Novels and Society class work as a team create visual maps of the island setting as described in the book.
about 1 month ago, Brenda Wilker
Novels 1
novels 2
novels 3
One of these 3rd graders “mustache” you a question..🤔 We had an awesome week two of school!
about 1 month ago, Maddison Pape
3rd grade pals
2021 Athens Homecoming Week Activities Monday 13th - Hawaiian Day Tuesday 14th - Blast from the Past Day Wednesday 15th - Cowboy Day Thursday 16th - Toga Day - Buff Stuff Volleyball Game @ 7:00 pm in the AHS gym (no charge to attend) Friday 17th - Class Colors Day - Powder Puff football game @ 1:00 - Pep Rally in AHS gym after the Powder Puff game - court announcement around 2:30 - Homecoming football game 7:00 pm Saturday 18th - Homecoming Dance from 7:30 - 11:30 - doors open @ 7:00 pm - $5/person at the door - Grand March @ 8:00 pm no cost for spectators
about 1 month ago, Mary Nelson
The ladies are taking over the metal shop!
about 1 month ago, Shawn Steinke
The ladies are taking over the metal shop!
about 1 month ago, Shawn Steinke
Hello Athens Blue Jay and Maple Grove Fox Families! It is hopeful that these first couple of weeks of a new school year have been smooth transitions for you all. Bedtimes might still be a struggle so please check out the following resources if you need a bit of help in this department. Happy sleeping to you...good night and sweet dreams!
about 1 month ago, Mary Hessefort
Welcome to Mr. Caleb Borchardt to our second grade class. He will be helping us with our work.
about 1 month ago, Kathy Luther
Caleb and Logan
Students are finalizing plans for their Beginning Craftsmanship class.
about 1 month ago, Shawn Steinke
Beginning Craftmanship Planning
The kindergartners used Skittles to sort and classify by color. Yum!
about 1 month ago, Carla Nowak
sorting with Skittles
sorting with Skittles
sorting with Skittles
What an awesome first week of learning and fun in 3rd grade! It is going to be an exciting school year ahead! 🤩
about 1 month ago, Tianna Borchardt
It sure is good to be back in the KITCHEN!!! Family Foods had their first official Free Cook of the year and had a fun time doing it!!
about 1 month ago, Mrs. N.
2nd hour, Kitchen 5
2nd hour, kitchen 4
2nd hour, kitchen 1
2nd hour, kitchen 2
Math manipulative exploration during the first week - let the learning begin!
about 1 month ago, Cherish Byrd
first day
first day
first day
Freshmen physical science class is using the scientific method to test which gum keeps its flavor longer - sugar or sugarless.
about 2 months ago, Mary Nelson
Chewing gum in physical science - using the scientific method to do an experiment: which gum loses flavor first, sugar or sugarless
Family Foods turned out some fabulous looking dishes for Free Cook Friday today!!
about 2 months ago, Mrs. N.
Chopping and dicing for Chicken Bacon Ranch Wraps!!
Beautifully piped cupcakes with sprinkles!!
Fettuccini Alfredo from scratch!!
Breakfast Specialty:  pancakes, bacon and eggs!
ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT to get your ATHENS APPAREL!! Please go to The sale goes through Sept. 3rd. You should expect delivery around the 3rd week of September.
about 2 months ago, Bluejay Apparel & Gear
Athens Apparel
First day of school with this great group of fifth graders!
about 2 months ago, Jackie Schelling
Ms. Schelling fifth grade