Hello Athens Band families & supporters! The high school band has missed playing for you this year, so please enjoy this video of the band playing some of their favorite pep-band tunes! https://drive.google.com/file/d/10__56Q0jFWB36vayn3tluF4fNmbXLJPw/view?usp=sharing Have a great weekend! Mr. Puffer
20 days ago, Samuel Puffer
Northcentral Technical College is hosting College Exploration Days on April 22nd and 23rd. Check out the flyer for more details.
20 days ago, Dan Nowak
College Exploration Days
Elizabeth is going to submit her piece to the Congressional Art Competition- but we needed a frame! Her unique work's depth made it difficult to find a ready- made one. Her and I planned out the dimensions of the frame. Then faculty assistant, Patrick, cut it out. Some fine gentlemen from the shop came in to help assemble it! Thank you! We are definitely Better Together!
20 days ago, Melissa Adamski
Elizabeth Van Rixel's piece
Patrick, Brody, Kyle, and Jake working together to make a frame!
Advanced Biology finished up their digestive unit with edible digestive systems-check out the creativity!!
21 days ago, Mrs. N.
Dirt Cake Digestive System #2.
Pizza Digestive System- after.
Pizza Digestive System -before
Dirt cake digestive system #1.
Some students from Mr Hoffman's 8th grade class working on their informative (how-to) videos.
21 days ago, Paul Hoffman
Cartwheels Explained
Interested in Open Enrollment? Check out our website athens1.org to apply to open enrolled to one of our four schools. Athens Elementary School, Athens Middle School, Athens High School, and Maple Grove Charter School is accepting applicates thru Friday April 30th!
21 days ago, Nathan Brost
Maple Grove
Students in the DC Oral/Personal Communications class conducted a debate on April 14, 2021 for a panel of judges on the topic of implementing a nationwide minimum wage of $15 an hour or to leave it determined by each state. Students worked in two teams for the last three weeks to prepare for this debate.
22 days ago, Brenda Wilker
affirmative team preparing for the debate
negative side preparing for the debate
day of the debate
Day of the debate
Intro to Sewing students have finished up their masks. Students completed two different types of masks: pleated and clamshell.
23 days ago, Mrs. N.
Three students modeling their clamshell masks they made in class.
Two students modeling their pleated masks.
The Athens FFA will be holding their plant sale on May 1st from 9am to 6pm. The sale will be one day only. We have hanging baskets, air plants, single plants and vegetable plants available.
23 days ago, Jessica Stuttgen
plant sale flyer
4th graders in Ms. Kalepp’s class enjoyed doing a spring STEM project! The students had to build a fortress to protect their peep. They found out that the jellybeans were tough to build with, but they enjoyed the building process. When finished building, we tested out the strength of their fortress by placing books on top! All the peeps survived but the class learned that since the jellybeans were round their structures didn’t stand up straight for long with the weight of the books. The kids had a lot of fun!
24 days ago, Beth Steinke
Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 4
When students work hard and get ahead in their work, what do you do with them? Let them work on a self-motivated art project- painting with Bob Ross! Love to see them getting excited over creating!
24 days ago, Melissa Adamski
"Bob Ross" Paintings
These 2nd graders did an awesome job on a project for library time. Both classes were introduced to Baby Mouse as a first graphic novel. Keep that love of reading!
24 days ago, Dee Brewster
2nd graders
21 consonants + 5 vowels = 26 most important letters that create oodles and oodles of words in the English language! Here are some first grade friends using ABC rocks to put these letters in alphabetical order. You could even make a set for yourself at home with rocks and a permanent marker. Rock on, Smart Kids!
25 days ago, Mary Hessefort
United States History 2 students showed their creative and artistic skills. They were to create superheroes who had been exposed to atomic matter. This was part of our Cold War unit. There were many great ideas but Madison Wagner-Durr created trading cards.
25 days ago, Rhonda Stange
Superhero trading cards created by Madison Wagner-Durr as part of the United States History 2 Cold War unit.
Students in Basic Auto and Home Maintenance are learning how to change oil and repair a leaky faucet.
28 days ago, Shawn Steinke
Changing Oil
Fixing a sink
The Ag classroom has been staying busy the last few weeks. The Biology class created 3D cell models, the plant science class has been transplanting plants in the greenhouse and this week we will be starting to make our hanging baskets for the plant sale, and Companion Animal Care wrapped up their Dog unit by creating paper machete dog heads.
29 days ago, Jessica Stuttgen
Paper machete dogs
Flowers in the greenhouse
3D plant cell
Added diamond art to the classroom for those needing a little break. It's great for our mental health.
29 days ago, Kandi Gallagher
Diamond art started
 Diamond Art
Don't have a chance to get to the CVA to view the Marawood Conference Art Show? View it online at this link: https://fb.watch/4kUVvjmaN2/ Another exciting piece of information- Addison Lavicka's "Squirrel!" was an award winner! Wonderful job! We are so proud of you!
29 days ago, Melissa Adamski
Addison Lavicka's Artwork, "Squirrel!"
Kindergartners work on their addition facts while enjoying a birthday treat from their peer tutor, Brody.
30 days ago, Carla Nowak
addition bingo
adding with Brody
Jaelin Switlick presenting her state project to Ms. Schelling’s fifth grade class.
30 days ago, Jackie Schelling