Thank you for your interest in working for the School District of Athens.

To review open positions and apply for them, please go to the WECAN online application system here. If positions are not on the WECAN site, please contact the district office.


  • The School District of Athens is seeking candidates for a full-time business office manager.  An ideal candidate would have accounting experience and interpersonal leadership skills.  This individual would be motivated, and thrive on creating a climate of inclusion, trust, and productivity. Preferred qualifications include Bachelor's degree in accounting, finance, business, management or related field, and proven ability with financial and budgetary processes, leadership skills, and strong capabilities with database and information systems software. To apply, submit your letter of interest and resume to Andrea Sheridan, Superintendent School District of Athens PO Box F, Athens, WI  54411 or email to asheridan@athens1.org by May 18, 2022.


Any adult with a four-year bachelor's degree with interest in becoming a substitute teacher for the School District of Athens may seek training at CESA 9 in Tomahawk. If interested, please contact Cheryl Strunk at 715-257-7511 ext 102. You may apply with the District for training sponsorship by providing a letter of interest and a resume to the District Office, 601 W Limits Rd, Athens, WI 54411

  • Middle & High School Administrative Assistant

Job Position: Administrative Assistant

Work Year: 220 days

Supervisor: Middle & High School Principal

Job Position Statement

Performs confidential secretarial and clerical responsibilities necessary for an efficient and effective school office that supports the Principal designee, and school staff. Performs a variety of clerical tasks requiring detailed knowledge of school procedures and policies; supports Principal with routine administrative and clerical details; maintains attendance records; and acts as liaison between Principal with staff, students, parents and community.

Objectives of this Role

● Secretary to the principal, assistant to the Athletic Director and School Counselor. ● Oversee processes for increased productivity and growth

● Establish and grow relationships with students, staff, parents and the community

Job Responsibilities

● Assist the Principal or designee in the preparation of reports and documents by creating graphics and displays, using word processing and data management.

● Create forms, and compile and organize data and information necessary for the efficient operation of the school office.

● Maintain required district and State data collections.

● Complete all required monthly and year end reports in a timely fashion.

Skills and Preferred Qualifications

● Have earned a high school diploma or equivalent.

● Have a minimum of two years of successful experience in a related secretarial or office position, or be a graduate of a recognized program of secretarial studies.

● Demonstrate the ability to use electronic equipment for word processing, data management, information retrieval, visual presentations, and telecommunications.

● Be proficient in the use of Google, Microsoft Office or an equivalent computer program. ● Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in English, both orally and in writing. ● Demonstrate integrity and good moral character and initiative.

● Exhibit a personality that demonstrates enthusiasm and interpersonal skills to relate well with students, staff, administration, parents and the community.