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Debra Schmidt
Special Education Secretary
Marathon County
715-257-7571 ext 208
Jessica Barrick
MG Grade 3 Teacher
715-257-2199 x309
Jamie Beilke
HS Special Education Teacher
715-257-7511 x119
Jessica Bingham
Physical Education/Health Teacher
Middle/High School
715-257-7511 x110/147
Justin Bloch
Building and Grounds
715-257-2199 x312
Tianna Borchardt
Grade 3 Teacher
Elementary School
715-257-7571 x205
Bev Braun
Administrative Assistant
District Office
715-257-7511 x150
Dee Brewster
Information & Technology Literacy Coordinator (ITLC)
715-257-7571 x207 or 715-257-7511 x117 or 715-257-2199 x310
Nathan Brost
District Technology Coordinator
District Office
715-257-7511 x153 or 715-257-7571 x209
Jessica Bunkelman
HS Science/Agriculture Teacher
Middle/High School
715-257-7511 x132
Cherish Byrd
Grade 1 Teacher
Elementary School
715-257-7571 x217
Chris Czech
MS Mathematics/PK-8 Title Math/Data Specialist
715-257-7511 x127 or 715-257-7571 x231
Nicole Dassow
Special Education Aide
Melissa David
District Art Teacher
715-257-7511 x133 or 715-257-7571 x219
Tina DeRaimo
MG Secretary
Maple Grove
715-257-2199 x300
Craig Diedrich
MS Science/ELA/Athletic Director
Middle/High School
715-257-7511 x131/104
Danielle Diedrich
MS/HS Math Teacher
Middle/High School
715-257-7511 x 116
Todd Diethelm
MS/HS Social Studies Teacher
Middle/High School
715-257-7511 x128
Mary Dlugopolski
District Secretary - Lunch Accounts
District Office
715-257-7511 x101
Karissa Doyle
EL/MG Guidance Counselor
715-257-7571 x228