After learning about the Circulatory System and our greatest muscle, the Heart, 8th graders got to dissect pig hearts. The students were able to follow the path a red blood cell would take throughout our hearts.
13 days ago, Jessica Bingham
Students in Cultural Experiences class are learning about Julia Alvarez for Hispanic Heritage Month!
14 days ago, Elise Farris
pic 4
pic 2
pic 1
pic 3
The Introduction to Agriculture classes and the 7th grade Ag class completed a cheese lab today. They tried Farmers Cheese, Baby Swiss, Colby, Horseradish Monterey Jack, and everyone’s favorite Limburger cheese.
14 days ago, Jessica Stuttgen
Student trying cheese
Student trying cheese
Student trying cheese
Student trying cheese
Have a Digital SLR Camera that you bought and it just sits around? Our Digital Photography classes could greatly benefit from your donation! To date, we have had two highly generous donors who have given their equipment for the benefit of our students. We would also accept lenses, tripods, or lighting equipment. Thanks so much for considering! We appreciate you!
14 days ago, Melissa Adamski
Digital SLR camera
It's School Board Appreciation Week! Thank you to Tim, Steve, Jessica, Shanon, Ken, Thomas and Tamey for your dedication to the Athens School District. You are appreciated!
16 days ago, Beth Steinke
Congratulations to the new members of the Athens High School National Honor Society (NHS) inducted today at the Fall Induction Ceremony. We are ready to provide community service.
16 days ago, Dee Brewster
October 2nd means (drumroll, please!), it's Custodian Appreciation Day! Thank you bunches to the Bluejay team who keeps our buildings and grounds in tip-top shape.
18 days ago, Beth Steinke
Custodian Day
Custodian Day
Northcentral Technical College will be hosting College Exploration Days on Wednesday, October 20th. This is a great way to check out the programs at NTC. See the flyer for times and registration information.
18 days ago, Dan Nowak
NTC College Exploration Days
NTC College Exploration Days
Ms. Kalepp’s 4th graders want to say THANK YOU to our sponsor!!! This person was generous enough to fund each student a book that they will receive each month from Scholastics! As Garrison Keillor said “a book is a gift you can open again and again.” We want to know….what was your favorite book that you read as a child?
20 days ago, Kira Kalepp
A&B Process Systems donated two welders with feeders and carts to the metal shop. Our students are looking forward to working with the new welders! Thank you for your generosity!
21 days ago, Beth Steinke
Metal Shop
The kindergartners in Mrs. Kruger’s and Mrs. Nowak’s classes took advantage of the beautiful weather by taking a nature hike to Erbach Park. Students took notice of the signs of fall, and they enjoyed being able to play at the playground.
22 days ago, Carla Nowak
playing with friends
playing at Erbach
playing at Erbach
Parents - Check out the website below to schedule parent teacher conferences, October 7 and 12.
22 days ago, Beth Steinke
Parent Teacher Conferenes
UW Stevens Point is offering an ACT Prep Course. For more information please see the attached flyer.
25 days ago, Dan Nowak
ACT Prep Seminar
Nothing better than yoga on a Friday in fall with the sun on your back!
25 days ago, Dee Brewster
Our AES 3rd graders took an oath to a classroom “family” contract that they built and developed as a team! They proudly noted that they “will use their voices to spread kindness and make a difference in this world!” 🤩
26 days ago, Tianna Borchardt
Students are enjoying the wonderful weather playing capture the football!
27 days ago, John Keefe
5th grade
5th grade
We are finishing up our first month of school, and Wellness Wednesday posts are back! Once a month we will share information on various wellness tips. This month it's all about your SMILE! Start your day with a smile! Smiling releases endorphins. These natural chemicals elevate your mood, but they also relax your body and reduce physical pain. Some activities you can do to bring a smile to your face include: • Count your blessings • Do something nice for others • Keep happy reminders sources: and
28 days ago, Beth Steinke
Smiles 1
Smiles 2
Smiles 3
Birthday cupcakes & lots of smiles to start off the week! 🥳
29 days ago, Maddison Pape
birthday fun!
Over the summer the School District of Athens updated our online payment provider. As a result it cause a issue with the ability to pay lunch balance through your Infinite Campus Portal Account. We have resolved those issues so you can once again pay online using your portal account. If you have any questions or are new to the district and like additional information, email Nathan Brost at
29 days ago, Nathan Brost
Spent a little time painting these ladies' faces for homecoming!
29 days ago, Melissa Adamski
Girls showing off their facepaint!
Homecoming Facepaint Fun!