Academic and Career Planning, or ACP, is a student-driven, adult-supported process in which students create and cultivate their own unique and information-based visions for post secondary success, obtained through self-exploration, career exploration, and the development of career management and planning skills.

What ACP means for the Athens School District:

Academic and Career Planning in Athens is centered around student's journey to get to know themselves, explore their possibilities and plan for their future. The goal is for students to go out into the world with self-awareness, good planning for their future, and the skills to become productive citizens. ACP activities will take place during BLC (Resource) each week.

Why ACP?

It is good for students! ACP is based on student's interests, abilities, goals, and values. ACP is a cultural shift where the purpose of education is to use a process where students and parents make informed choices about education, training, and careers. This process requires a great deal of self-awareness, exploration, and planning for the future in an effort to help graduates go into their future with the best opportunities to achieve education and career goals while maximizing financial investment. ACP is focused on all post-secondary routes, including military, apprenticeship, certification, technical college, and university.

In addition to the benefit to students and their future, the PI26 legislation requires public school districts to provide academic and career planning services to students in grades 6 through 12 beginning in the 2017/2018 school year. These new academic and career planning requirements connect school districts education for employment plans and programs to the new academic and career planning requirements.

Academic and career planning provides a platform for all students to develop an awareness of self as it relates to their interests, skills, and strengths. This awareness of self sets the foundation for ongoing exploration of in-demand career pathways and relevant educational opportunities.

Through ongoing and collaborative conversations with parents, educators, and community members, students will be empowered to develop an academic and career plan that documents and guides their journey through grades 6-12 and beyond.

As each student navigates through this process, they will be exposed to many different possibilities along with information and skills necessary to explore these possibilities.

All students in grades 6-12 are part of Academic and Career Planning. The process and services that are provided multiple times throughout 6th - 12th grade are:

  • 6th-12th Career planning through online tool called Career Cruising
  • Career Conferencing
  • Personal Reflections, Goal Setting
  • Career Pathway and Cluster Exploration
  • Career Research, Interest, and Reflection
  • Career Interest Inventories
  • Learning Style Inventories
  • Career Fairs
  • Ongoing Communication with Families
  • and so much more....